Search for venues

This function looks for venues fulfilling specified criteria.


  • auth or (user, pass)

    This method requires authentication. See authentication

  • keys (option)

    Keywords that the function will search in the venue's name and address.

  • vnam (option)

    Venue Name.

  • str (option)

    Venue street Name.

  • city (option)

    City Name.

  • ctry (option)

    Country Name.

  • zip (option)

    Venue Zip code.

  • sby (option)

    Sort results by (default is by "relv" relevance):

    • vnam
    • city
    • ctry (country)

  • sdir (option)

    Sort results ascending or descending (ascending by default).

    • asc (ascending)
    • desc (descending)

  • venue ID (option)

    Venue ID.

Example Request URL: authentication

Response Parameters:

A resposta é um bloco XML regular.

  • num_venues

    Total number of venues found.

  • venue

    All information about a found venue is contained here.

  • id

    Unique id of the venue.

  • url

    Url to this venue on Findevent.

  • name

    Venue Name.

  • street_address

    Venue street Name.

  • city

    City Name..

  • state

    The venue state.

  • country

    Country Name..

  • zip

    Venue Zip code.

  • venue_url

    Url to the website of the venue.

  • phon

    Phone number.

  • longitude

    Venue longitude in degrees.

  • latitude

    Venue latitude in degrees.

Example Response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
         <name>Little Fish Theatre</name>
         <street_address>777 Centre St</street_address>
         <city>San Pedro</city>
         <country>United States</country>
         <phone>310 512 6030</phone>

Possible Errors

  • Missing parameter either (keys, vnam, date, city, ctry, or type) must be nonempty.


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