Search for events

This function looks for events fulfilling specified criteria.


  • auth or (user, pass)

    This method requires authentication. See authentication

  • keys (option)

    Keywords that the function will look for in event's title and description.

  • vnam (option)

    Name of the venue where event takes place.

  • str (option)

    Name of the street where event takes place.

  • city (option)

    Name of the city where event takes place.

  • ctry (option)

    Name of the country where event takes place.

  • zip (option)

    Zip code of the area where event takes place.

  • date (option)

    Specifies timespan when the event took place. Default is is the current date, options:

    • past
    • all
    • tody (today)
    • thmo (this month)
    • thyr (this year)
    • name of the month or the equivalent number
      (e.g. August or 08)
    • exact range in form of two unix timestamps connected with "-"
      (e.g. 2009-01-26 20:00:00-2009-02-15 20:00:00)
    • only start date from an exact date in form of a unix timestamp with "-" character at the end
      (e.g. 2009-01-26 20:00:00-)
    • only end date to an exact date in form of a unix timestamp with "-" character at the beginning
      (e.g. -2009-01-26 20:00:00)

  • type (option)

    Type of the event, complete list of types can be found here.

  • sby (option)

    Sort results by (default is by date):

    • relv (relev├óncia)
    • title
    • type
    • city
    • ctry (country)

  • sdir (option)

    Sort results ascending or descending (ascending by default).

    • asc (ascending)
    • desc (descending)

Example Request URL:"See authentication"

This is an example of an request that will look for events that contain the keywords in any given title or description and place this year in Canada, returning results sorted by city.

Response Parameters:

Response is a regular XML block.

  • num_events

    Total number of events found.

  • event

    All information about a found event is contained here.

  • id

    Unique id of the event.

  • url

    Url to this event on Findevent.

  • title

    Title of the event.

  • description

    Description of the event.

  • start_time

    Starting time of this event represented by a unix timestamp (ISO 8601).

  • end_time

    End time of the event, represented by a unix timestamp (ISO 8601).

  • place_name

    Name of the venue where the event takes place.

  • street_address

    The venue street address.

  • city

    The venue city.

  • state

    The venue state.

  • country

    The venue country.

  • zip

    The venue ZIP.

  • venue_id

    The venue ID.

  • type

    Event type. Complete list of types can be found. here.

  • event_url

    Url to the website of the company that is hosting this event.

  • phon

    Phone number.

  • images

    Contains information about images connected with this event.

Example Response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
         <title>Edmonton Rush</title>
         <description>Boston Blazers at Edmonton Rush Tickets</description>
         <start_time>2009-04-18 19:30:00</start_time>
         <end_time>2009-04-18 22:30:00</end_time>
         <place_name>Rexall Place</place_name>
         <street_address>7424 118 Avenue North Wes</street_address>

Possible Errors:

  • Missing parameter either (keys, vnam, date, city, ctry, or type) must be nonempty.


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