Add new venue

Adds a new venue to the Findevent database.


  • auth or (user, pass)

    This method requires authentication.See authentication.

  • vnam

    The venue name.

  • str

    The venue street address.

  • city

    The venue city.

  • state

    The venue state or province.

  • ctry

    The venue country.

  • zip (option)

    The venue zip or postal code.

  • phon (option)

    The venue phone.

  • url (option)

    The venue website.

Example Request URL: authentication
&vnam=Air Canada Centre
&str=40 Bay Street
&zip=M5J 2X2
&phon=416 815-5500

Response Parameters:

Response is a regular XML block.

  • id

    ID of a newly added venue.

  • message

    Venue has been added.

Example Response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <message>Venue has been added</message>

Possible Errors:

  • vnam empty (Missing name)
  • str empty (Missing street address)
  • city empty (Missing city)
  • state empty (State missing.)
  • ctry empty (Missing country)


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