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Tokio Hotel concert
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Tokio Hotel concert
Monday, October 8 2007, 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Identical twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (born on 1 September 1989) had been making music since childhood. They were musically promoted by their step-father, who is also a musician, although less active. In early 2001, in their hometown of Magdeburg, they met Gustav Sch√?¬§fer (September 8, 1988) and Georg Listing (March 31, 1987), with whom they formed the band Devilish. From 2001 onwards, they played in talent shows and small-time concerts. After Bill Kaulitz' participation in a children's Star Search in 2003 (which he lost in the quarter-finals), he was discovered by music executive Peter Hoffmann. In the end, Devilish changed their name to Tokio Hotel ("Tokio", because of the large and lively city Tokyo, Japan which they love ("Tokio" is the correct German spelling of "Tokyo"), and "Hotel", due to their constant touring and sleeping in hotels), and Sony BMG took them under contract. Hoffmann hired David Jost and Pat Benzner into the team of creators and authors, and had them give the children instruction on songwriting and instrument playing. Shortly before publication of the first album, Sony terminated their contract. In 2005, Universal Music Group took Tokio Hotel under contract and developed a marketing plan.
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