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Mark Kingswood - 50 Years of 'My Way' The Genius of Sinatra at Hideaway
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Mark Kingswood - 50 Years of 'My Way' The Genius of Sinatra at Hideaway
Friday, June 7 2019, 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm
The acclaimed artist evokes the golden era sounds of Vegas and the Sands Hotel for this exclusive show paying homage to the seminal Sinatra album 'My Way' (released on this very day in 1969). Mark will be performing tracks from the album, a nod to the fellow members of the Rat Pack plus songs from his debut album 'Strong', all bearing the hallmark and undeniable influence of The Chairman of The Board.

Having performed as a music artist for over two decades, Mark has also forged a successful career as a record producer and songwriter. His achievements include credits on Platinum and Gold discs sales in the USA, Japan and Ireland. Mark has also had cuts with the likes of Sony, 19, and Disney. This out-of-the limelight success seemed to be where Mark would hang his hat, however the young boy's dream was far greater than that. By an amazing stroke of serendipity, it was Frank Devito, a successful Canadian business entrepreneur with a passion for music, who opened the door for him and his dream.

When Frank saw music industry legend David Foster pick Mark out of an audience to sing on stage at the iconic Place des Arts in Montreal, he knew he needed to help bring his voice to an international audience. “When a guy like Foster says wow listen!”

With a fresh start in Canada, Mark did not waste a moment to get his own style out there, and released his first original music album, STRONG. The recordings show off his range as an impeccable vocalist, inspired writer, and talented arranger and producer as they sway from brassy, up-tempo dancefloor numbers (Strong, Dancing on A Monday, and the tongue-in-cheek Got A Thing for Swing) to heart stopping, evocative ballads (Velvet Touch, and Shine On).


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Artist: Mark Kingswood
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