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Homowo (Hooting At Hunger) Festival
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Homowo (Hooting At Hunger) Festival
From: Monday, August 13 2007, 7:00 am
to: Sunday, September 16 2007, 4:00 pm
Homowo is one of the most joyful festivals in Accra and is celebrated for a month by the Ga people. It commemorates a glorious ancient harvest and marks the Ga New Year. In the preceding week, there is daily drumming throughout Accra, which acts as a reminder to join in the celebrations. There are colourful processions through the streets of Accra. Many of the participants walk for miles with freshly harvested food on their heads to join in. Dances and processions celebrate the harvest and priests ritually sprinkle the traditional festive food, Kpokpoi, in honour of the gods and ancestors of the Ga state. The processions revolve around sets of twins who are thought to bring special luck to their families. People give thanks and there are blessings by the priests to thank the ancestors for granting them such luck. Being harvest time, you will be generously offered food wherever you go and the smells of yam, corn, chicken and fish fill the air. Please note: Ghanaian festivals rely on harvests and other natural manifestations, making it impossible to predict the exact date they occur each year. The dates suggested below are tentative, as the festival may be celebrated at another time. Please check with the tourist office before making travel plans.
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