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Morázan Day
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Morázan Day
From: Tuesday, October 2 2007, 7:00 pm
to: Wednesday, October 3 2007, 6:59 pm
Francisco Morázan is a national hero in Honduras. His birthday is a public holiday and celebrations are staged in his honour across the country. In the early 19th century the people of Honduras were fighting hard against the Spanish for their freedom. They were led by Francisco Morázan, freedom fighter, ardent patriot and general caudillo (paternal leader/chief). He died for the cause - the more cynical would argue, so sparing his country from dictatorship. Honduras achieved independence in 1821 but Morázan's lifelong dream of a Central American Federation of Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras lasted no longer than 20 years. Morázan's popularity reached such bounds that his name was even suggested for Honduras' currency. Alas, lempira beat it by six votes.
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