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Marlboro Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix
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Marlboro Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix
Sunday, October 21 2007, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
The Road Racing World Championships season continues at the state-of-the-art Sepang International Circuit with the Marlboro Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix. For the spectator, Sepang is one of the best venues in the world at which to watch motorsport, featuring an innovative double-fronted grandstand that is actually in the centre of the track. It is also only two miles away from Kuala Lumpur Airport. For the riders, Sepang provides a test of skill and endurance. The course has a combination of sharp and long corners with some lightning-fast straights. Perhaps the greatest weapon of the circuit, though, is the heat. The riders must battle to maintain concentration as fatigue and dehydration take their toll. Motorcycle Grand Prix is one of the fastest, most thrilling sports in the world. The bikes reach speeds of up to 310kph (185mph) and the races are extremely competitive. Unlike Formula One racing, overtaking is frequent. The riders take the bravest lines to weave through the field and when the bikes close on each other they push it to the limit. There is the feeling that the crowd is collectively holding its breath as the riders brake as late as possible into the corners. Then there is the engine noise, piercing the air as the riders fly by, a constant reminder of the sheer power that they are fighting to control. The 500cc Championship is the big one in motorcycling. Although it vies with the increasingly popular Superbike Championship for profile, it remains the title that every aspiring rider dreams of winning. To achieve the feat the riders travel the globe, and with the diversity of tracks and conditions, it provides the ultimate test of overall ability.
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