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Oulu Music Video Festival & Air Guitar World Championships
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Oulu Music Video Festival & Air Guitar World Championships
From: Wednesday, September 5 2007, 1:30 pm
to: Sunday, September 9 2007, 5:00 pm
Air guitar is one of the most popular musical pastimes in the world, striking a (power) chord in the hearts of teenage boys and middle-aged men worldwide. For a long time, though, the budding bedroom Hendrix had nowhere to show off his or her favourite licks, runs, riffs and widdles - until the Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu came along. Founded in 1996 by some enterprising Finnish air guitar fans, the championships have already pitted the cream of English, Dutch, Indian, Irish and Kiwi talent against one another. The rules are simple. In the first round, each contestant must play a one-minute version of a "hard riffin' guitar classic" chosen by the jury. In the second, contestants get to choose their own song - from Vai to Van Halen, anything goes. In its discriminating search for the world's leading practitioner of the art of air guitar, the jury looks for originality, charisma and - above all - sheer skill and technical aplomb. There's plenty of music on the screens and in the clubs of Oulu during the five days, filmed and live, with and without guitars. The participating venues include the Youth and Culture Centre NUKU, City Library, Club Teatria, Madetoja Music Hall, Restaurants 45 Special, Never Grow Old and Uusi Seurahuone.
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