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Nankye (Nangye) Traditional Korean Music Festival
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Nankye (Nangye) Traditional Korean Music Festival
From: Friday, September 21 2007, 7:00 am
to: Sunday, September 23 2007, 5:00 pm
Nankye composed scores for traditional Korean string, wind and percussion instruments and is the widely respected father of Chosun Dynasty Korean Music. This festival shows the extent of his influence with a memorial rite, national music competition and dance choreographed to represent his life. The Chosun Dynasty saw South Korea returning to its former cultural standards and influence following the Mongol invasion that crushed the flourishing Shilla Kingdom. Nankye is considered a master of Korean music for evolving the basic notation of the 12 tone scale. He was a scholar of Korean court music, native Korean music and Chinese music, as well as being a skilled performer himself. Besides a wide selection of Korean music, there are folk arts to entertain. As always in South Korea there are a variety of natural beauty spots nearby.
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