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Cologne International Comedy Festival
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Cologne International Comedy Festival
From: Thursday, October 18 2007, 1:00 pm
to: Saturday, November 3 2007, 7:00 pm
This festival gives the lie to the cliche about humourless Germans. Over 130 events fill an array of Cologne venues with laughter. The festival has grown in little more than a decade from six performers to 150, spread across 20 venues. Twenty thousand spectators turn out in theatres ranging from the Philharmonie to the "Living Room Theatre". A number of the events are broadcast on radio and television, and while the bulk of the comedians are German-speaking, performers from the UK, France and Spain also turn out. Previous years' festivals have showcased comedy in a number of formats, with special events dedicated to music and comedy, comic poetry, Berlin comics and what's billed as the world's first "SMS Call-in" comedy event. There was even a night devoted to the "best of living room", featuring the best-loved comedians from the fringe-like performances.
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