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Carthaginians & Romans Festival
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Carthaginians & Romans Festival
From: Friday, September 14 2007, 9:00 am
to: Sunday, October 7 2007, 6:00 pm
The Murcian city of Cartagena presents the Carthaginians & Romans Festival, remembering its rich history with battle re-enactments, marches, a wedding, a circus and fireworks. The festival opens with the lighting of a sacred fire and the inauguration of the Festival Camp beside the Estadio Municipal. Over the next ten days a period of history is relived, starting with declarations of enmity towards Rome, the wedding of Hannibal and Himilce, a Roman circus, chess tournaments and the declaration of war with the Romans. The Carthaginians disembark in the port and start hiring mercenaries to help them fight, marching through the city to the Puente del Estadio. The following day the Romans arrive and throw themselves into battle. Following their win, they hold a victory procession through the town on the same route. The day after that they pay homage to those Romans who died in battle and another procession of troops takes place. The festivities end with the extinguishing of the sacred fire and a big fireworks display.
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