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Bardolino Wine Festival
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Bardolino Wine Festival
From: Saturday, September 15 2007, 4:00 pm
to: Sunday, October 14 2007, 6:30 pm
On the shores of Lake Garda is the town of Bardolino, famous for the production of fine red wine. Every October, the Comune holds an annual Festa dell'Uva - Grape Festival. There are concerts and fireworks, wine tastings and food stalls where you can try the local meat and rice specialities. Above all, the joys of Lake Garda are before you since it all takes place outside. Upwards of 4000 people attend every year. Live classical music concerts take place at 9.30pm each night and a fabulous fireworks display illuminates the night skies at 11pm on the Monday night. Bardolino wine is made from a mixture of grapes: Corvina provides body and colour, Rondinella is responsible for the wine's appealing grassy flavour, Molinara gives the wine fragrance, while Negrara assures softness and freshness.
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