Findevent is a social networking website where you can post events and invite friends to your events. You can also look for events from around the world - our database of events is updated daily and consists of over 100 000 events.

Upon signing up you will be able to look for your friends and add them to your friends list. If you are looking for a local event simply use our sophisticated event search engine or browse all events happening in your city. To save memories about the events, you can create your own albums consisting of not only pictures but also videos and share them with your friends.


Findevent allows you to improve exposure of events you are hosting. To register visit our registering form created especially for you. You can also use our new Findevent API that allows you to post events on Findevent everytime you post events on your website!

Upon signing up you will be able to create your company's profile page. Every page with event you've added will include a link to your company's profile page, visitors will be able to sign up for a newsletter about new events your company is hosting which will create even bigger exposure. We can assure you, that with thousands of registered users (this number is constantly growing) using Findevent will result in creating more publicity for your events.